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As a 20+ year veteran loan originator and a former owner/broker of my own firm since 1993, I’m here to tell you this is by far, the best opportunity for someone who wants to enjoy the best this business has to offer and leave all of the management and minutia details to the great supportive team at Omni-Fund. Not only are they young, fun and full of energy, but they are here to support us and provide all the tools we need to be successful and earn a great living without all the stress of managing our own brokerage. Thank you Raj, JK, Seth, Kyle and Michelle! You are all awesome!

Shelley L. Safronek

I’ve found working with Omni-Fund to be the ideal situation for me. Doing business through Omni-Fund allows me to be competitive and enables me to offer my clients the best deal for every situation. -Jeremy Harrison

I love working with Omni-Fund because I have the feel of my own office without the head ache associated to run my own office. I have wonderful support when I need and I am left on my own when I need. The number of approved lenders helps as well.

Zarin Moayeri
NMLS # 266612

Over the last 16 years, I have originated home loans through five (5) different banks, credit unions and net branches. For the most part, they have all been pretty much the same. Omni-Fund, Inc., however, does a couple of things better than any of the rest. First, they pay you quickly and accurately. When it comes to making sure your commission check is “spot on” accurate, there is no one better than Raj! It will be to the penny and correct every time. Then, your commission either gets sent out to you the same day or Raj wires it into your business account directly. It’s your choice!

Secondly, if you have a question or concern with the NMLS or any of our lenders, you can always reach JK. If he doesn’t know the answer off the top of his head, he will find out the answer to your question and get back to you promptly. In my opinion, these are the two most important things to any originator.
In case you don’t know, Raj and JK are the brothers that own Omni-Fund, Inc. Not only are they professional and competent, they are a lot of fun just to be around!

For the most part, we all know how to put our prospects into Point, run credit reports and determine if our loans will be approved or not. Having a company that pays you quickly and helps you to stay on top of all the regulatory requirements is huge. If you are looking for a company that will do just that, Omni-Fund, Inc. is the answer you have been looking for!

Corey Bingham
NMLS #292939

Working with Omni Fund has been a pleasant change from the grind that is typical of the mortgage industry. They work with you to solve problems and offer support without being invasive. Its nice to feel like you work with a small company that can get things done but offers the products of a large company. If we need a program that a specific lender offers they work with you to find it or get approved with that lender. They constantly add new products and lenders while offering the capability to broker our loans with multiple lenders when shopping for a specific program. Being able to work as a correspondent lender with other companies and fund on our own line offers a huge advantage with in-house underwriting and when time is of the essence. It is a great place to hang your license and get the service and support you need while being able to originate loans.

Mike Wakefield
NMLS #9278

I joined Omni-Fund less than six months ago. Having the flexibility of a Brokerage firm along with two correspondent lines to act as a lender when necessary, has opened many new channels of business.
I am now starting a new Branch located in down town Laguna Beach and I can do this confidently, knowing I have the upper hand against all other Brokers & Lenders!

Sean M.

“I have been with Omni Fund for over two years now and have never experienced anything short of exemplary service. Questions are always immediately answered and no issue goes unaddressed. I feel that they truly respect me as an originator and they do all they can to help me grow my business. I have audited almost every other lending entity out there and no one compares to the ease and efficiency Omni provides when it comes to funding loans and, more importantly, getting paid on those funded loans.”

Nick Hannemann
NMLS License #174081

My experience with Omni Fund has been great. Omni Fund has been up front and honest with me at all times. They have paid me on time and have had integrity in all of my dealings with them. I would recommend them to any honest and hard working originator or processor.

David Drakeford

As an originator, I have worked for 8 different companies over the past 20 + years. In that time, I have learned that each company has it’s strengths and weaknesses and there is not a “perfect” company. However, for me, at this point in my career, Omni Fund, Inc. has been as close to “perfect” as I have seen. The company strives to provide the best of both worlds by allowing me the flexibility to manage my own business while also providing me the tools and resources I need to be successful. However, one of the best aspects of the company is the people who run it, because they were Originators themselves and they understand the needs of Loan Originators and the demands of the market. Last but certainly not least, I have yet to find a company with a better compensation plan. Again, this comes from the fact that they understand the industry challenges and the value of the job we do.

– Scott Miller nmls #249557

About a year ago, I made the best business decision and moved my Real Estate license over to Omni Fund, Inc. My experience over the past year has been outstanding. Omni Fund delivers exceptional and immediate support when I need it and their service has surpassed previous Brokers that I have worked with. They have a strong list of Lenders to choose from so I may have numerous options to place a Client’s file with the correct investor. One of the nice features of working with Omni Fund is that once a file has closed, I am usually paid within hours of the disbursement of Broker Funds. I am truly content working with Omni Fund as an independent Mortgage Loan Originator and am looking forward to a long relationship with this group.

~Lori Wood

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